Wall Outlet Standard – WOS


Technical specifications:
Material:                             ABS
Color:                                  Grey ( RAL 7035) and White (RAL 9010)
Operating temperature:     -40˚C to +75˚C (acc. EN 60068-2-1 and EN 60068-2-1)
Flammability:                      UL94 HB
IP Protection class:            IP42 (according IEC 60529)
Dimensions:                      120 mm x 100 mm x 26,5mm (LxWxH)
Weight:                               95 grams (without adapters and pigtails)

Storage box – Technical specifications:
Material:                ABS
Color:                    Grey ( RAL 7035) or White (RAL 9010)
Mounting:             The wall outlet will be attached with M4 screws
Storage capacity:  4 meters (duplex cable), 8 meters (simplex cable)
Dimensions:          120mm x 100mm x 18 mm (LxWxH)
Weight:                 40 grams (net.) grams (brut.)

PAT tel Ordering Code: WOS / SB X1_X2/X3_X4/X5_X6/X7

Scope of delivery:
Storage box packed in plastic bag with mounting kit



Wall Outlet Standard – WOS

Field of Application
Designed for FTTH applications, the Wall Outlet Standard is used to terminate optical cables to pigtails at customer premises. It is mounted on the wall. The WOS provides mechanical protection and managed fiber control in an attractive format. The cable is fed to the wall outlet from top side, bottom side or from the back.
A patch cord leads from the wall outlet to the active equipment (CPE –Customer Premises Equipment).


  • Hinged/detachable splice cassette
  • Detachable cap
  • Compact design
  • Separate fiber guiding
  • Suitable for heat-shrinkable splice-protection as well as for mechanical splice protection


Description of Components:
Wall outlet standard is used for termination of optical installation cable to pigtails at subscriber’s premises. It is mounted on the wall. Cable is fed to the wall outlet from the left or right side, or from the back. Wall outlet consists of bottom, splice cassette, cover and lid. The body is fixed to the wall with screws and is used for entrance of optical installation cable, mounting of optical adapters SC/UPC and SC/APC and routing of patch cords. Purpose of splice cassette is to take excess length of optical cables and splice protectors (max 2 pcs). Heat shrink splice protector or “Cold Splice Protector” (mechanical splices) can be fixed easily on splice cassette. A cover protects the contents of the wall outlet and is fixed to the outlet with two M4 screws. An easily removable lid protects patch cords connectors. Optionally a customer logo can be placed on the lid. The construction of the wall outlet ensures a minimum bending radius for pigtails of R=30 mm and prevents disconnection of patch cord connectors without removing the lid. Wall outlet ZSK-P 02/1-2 is made of Grey (RAL 7035) or White (RAL 9010) high heat and high impact resistance ABS plastic. There is an engraving on the cover – symbol Laser origin.

Optical Adapter SCsx adapter type (UPC or APC Version) with plastic housing and ceramic sleeve (ZrO2); IEC 61754-4, TIA 604-3 compliant

Pigtail Semi-TB construction with 900 μm outer diameter and 1m length. Fiber type 9/125, G657.A, IEC 61754-4, TIA 604-3 compliant UPC Version IL<=0,3dB; RL>=-50dB or APC Version IL<=0,3dB; RL>=-65dB



Storage Box for Wall Outlet Standard
The Storage box is mounted between the wall outlet and the wall. Is designed for overlength storage of the income cable which will be feed into the wall outlet. The storage box can accommodate an overlength of 4 meters (duplex cable) or 8 meters (simplex cable) and assures through its shape a minimal bending radius of 30 mm.