FTTH Plastic Wall Mount Closure


Technical specifications:
Material:                             ABS Plastic
Color:                                  Light Grey ( RAL 7035)
Operating temperature:     -40˚C to +75˚C (acc. EN 60068-2-1 and EN 60068-2-1)
Flammability:                      UL42 HB
IP Protection class:            IP54 (according IEC 60529)
Dimensions Chassis:         280 mm x 220 mm x 90mm (LxWxH)
Frame:                                331 mm x 271 mm x 90mm (LxWxH)
Weight:                               1 kg (without Splice Cassettes)


FTTH Plastic Wall Mount Closure

Field of Application
FTTH PWMC is used for terminating outside optical cable to optical installation cables. It can be mounted on or in the wall.


  • Plastic chassis is equipped with high security cylindrical lock and an outside frame for installation in the wall.
  • Door is equipped with silicon sealant to assure IP54 protection
  • Two holes for the entrance and exit of optical cable (1x Ø52 mm and 1x Ø22,7 mm for cable gland Pg16) are on the top; on both sides and bottom are two holes Ø22,7 mm for cable gland Pg16. The holes are not ready made but only
    marked so they can be easily made.
  • The bottom of the chassis is designed for mounting, routing and storage of excess optical cables. All components ensure minimum bend radius Rmin=> 30 mm.
  • Chassis is made of ABS plastic, colore Light Grey RAL 7035.